Apple could implement some special satellite features in iphone 14

Apple’s iPhone 14 could be able to communicate using satellites, according to a new rumour.

The phones will have satellite connectivity so that they can make emergency calls or texts through a satellite network, rather than traditional phone connections.

Such features can provide connections to people in remote areas. At the moment, hikers and others who might find themselves out of traditional connectivity are encouraged to use specialist equipment, such as those made by Garmin, to communicate through satellites.

Apple New Iphone 14 could have some special features like satellite connectivity

The new satellite features will be purely or primarily aimed at emergency calls, reports suggest, rather than offering data and phone connections while in remote areas.

Apple has “completed hardware tests for this feature”, according to reputable Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo. But he also noted that for the feature to actually work then Apple will need to negotiate with carriers to ensure it is able to work.

He said that “whether iPhone 14 will offer satellite communication service depends on whether Apple and operators can settle the business model”. That is presumably at least a part a decision of whether Apple or customers will pay for the feature, and how much it will cost.

The report also suggested that the feature had actually been ready for the iPhone 13, and that similar negotiations meant it was not available with that phone. Various rumours suggested that Apple was planning it for launch last year.

As such, the feature may be delayed again and not arrive with the iPhone 14 either.

There may be clues to the satellite feature in Apple’s promotional materials for the event. It is titled “Far Out”, the invitation includes a picture of stars, and the company has used the wording “ready for launch” – all of which may be a nod to the satellites themselves, but are no guarantee.

The upcoming launch might also explain why T-Mobile and SpaceX announced an upcoming satellite feature of their own, where customers will be able to access Elon Musk’s Starlink space internet through their phones. That is not planned until 2023, but the two companies announced the new features last week.

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