What should we know before to publish website online? Best Way to go Online is here

In general, we develop or design website and publish it but how should we confirm, what basic requirement is for my website become best and cheap. We here disclose those basic terms under which you can take better decision, So, you can minimize your budget and tech support and make better plan for future.

Storage space

Server space becomes a constraint as you start building up your site. Ask yourself? How much space will I actually need?? HTML pages take up very little space and if you follow the optimization techniques discussed above, you will save on a considerable amount of space while uploading images.
Choose a free hosting service that offers you upwards of 10 MB of space. For instance, Freeservers.com offers you 20 MB of free space while Yahoo! Geocities offers you 15 MB.

File size limits

Hosting your pages on free servers across the Internet would gulp down the bandwidth of the service provider. Hence, most of them restrict the size of the files that can be uploaded. For example, www.freeservers.com offers you a 256 KB file size limit, which is the maximum as far as we have seen. Choose a free hosting provider that would offer better file size limits. Freeservers.com also gives its free registrants a maximum bandwidth of 512 MB per month.

FTP access

For maintaining your site and uploading newer pages, you might require FTP access to your Web space-this is faster than the GUI Web interface. Most free Web space providers don’t offer FTP access. It’s usually reserved for professional and other paid package schemes.

Site search engine

You could make your Web site a repository of all your intelligence and knowledge. Now what if someone wants to search your knowledge store for something specific? Does your free service provider offer you the facility of searching your site? Check on it before registering with a hosting service. Freeservers.com offers a site search engine as well as a search engine that can search across similar sites.

Site builder

If you are a novice on the Web, you might prefer some kind of guidance. While registering for a free hosting service, check if the service provider will assist you with site building templates and tools. Most service providers do that as a part of their effort to promote their services.

Forwarding e-mail

Certain sites provide you with free e-mail services while others don’t. The ones that do provide you with free e-mail also offer a mail-forwarding service. When you have registered a domain such as tintinsclone.freeservers.com and someone sends a mail to anyname@tintinsclone.freeservers.com, it will be automatically forwarded to the e-mail address that you entered in your membership details. You need to activate the e-mail forwarding facility before you can actually use it. If you plan to distribute the mail you receive to other individuals, then enter an e-groups mail ID to which all of them have subscribed. Whatever mail you receive at your site will then be forwarded to all the subscribers.

Sundry features

Other features that you could possibly look for could be free site statistics, site counters, message boards, guest books and form e-mailers. Most free hosting sites provide these features. Choose the best from the options you have.

Monthly bandwidth

Data is sent back and forth when visitors enter and leave your site. Your monthly bandwidth is the total amount of data transferred from your hosting space to all the visitors’ computers. Since bandwidth is a main cost factor involved in hosting, free services limit the bandwidth offered. Yahoo! Geocities offers you a maximum bandwidth of 3 GB per month.

Cheap domains

Most Netizens would prefer having their own online identity. Domain name registrars allow you to register your preferred name. Offers range from $12 to over $25 depending on the service.
The cheapest and probably most reliable of all services is www.net4domains.com. You can register your domain name for just $12 a year. Of course, a 10-year deal for $120 will be economical if you wish to maintain a site that you can hand over to your successor.
Search for your domain name. If it’s available, book it on the Web site and send a cheque or demand draft to Net4domains as instructed on the site or in the confirmation e-mail that you receive. Your domain will be registered only after your payment is received and will remain active for the registered period only.


Web space is an expensive commodity. With add-on services such as POP3 mail accounts, most of the service providers rip you off even for a meagre 2 MB of Web space. Cybersitesindia.com is probably one of the cheapest options available. The company charges Rs 850 for 5 MB of space on an NT server or a Win2k server. If you are booking hosting space of 1 GB and above, then the cost per MB slumps to Rs 26. A list of hosting service providers is available in the links section. You can also check out hosting servers located abroad-they could turn out to be cheaper alternatives.

Availability of domain name

Check whether your choice of domain name is available. Find domain name availability within different domains with any of the registrar sites. For example, enter the domain name of your choice in www.net4domains.com, and click Search. If it is taken, you get a ‘whois’ link. Click on the link to find out who has registered the site name.

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