How To Create Fake Facebook Conversation Online

The method is quite simple and you will just use some cool sites that will let you to create a fake conversation for Facebook and you can use it to prank your friends and that will be very cool. So follow up steps below to proceed.Steps For Creating Fake Facebook Conversation OnlineBelow we had mentioned two sites with the help of which you can create Fake Facebook conversation and that for free and without any use of app.


This is the cool site in which you can easily create Fake Facebook chats for you and then take their screenshots crop them and then send then to friends to play prank with them. Follow the steps for creating Fake Facebook conversation in the app :-

Facebook Chat Generator
  1. First of all upload the profile picture of first person and then give its name there.
  2. Now on the second step upload the picture for second person and then type its name too.
  3. Now enter the date and that it type the message to have Fake conversation with you.Create Fake Facebook Chat Online


The another good site that will allow you to create conversation exactly same as Facebook, follow steps below to proceed.

Fake Chat for Whatapp and FB Messanger
  1. First of all open the site and then logged in with your account.
  2. Proceed with the guide there with the receiver and sender’s name.
  3. Now create any Fake conversation that you want to use to prank your friends.

So above is all about Create Fake Conversation Online. By this method you can easily create any of fake conversation with any random names of your friends and can fool your friend with this. Have fun with this cool Facebook Conversation creating trick and pranks your friends. Don’t forget to share this cool post. And leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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