7 Things I Guess You Don’t Know About Facebook

We all know that in today’s generation people really affordable to this popular social networking site Facebook, in the vast number of users in daily basis sign up Facebook and millions of users already using Facebook but they might be unknown with this seven facts that they can do very well if they are facing this seven problems right away.

7 Things I Guess You Don’t Know About Facebook

#1 Facebook Tracks You

Facebook is using undefined technology so that they can track your every single click and browsing history of your browser, you must have realised that whenever you have liked any post of any XYZ page in Facebook the next very day the same page’s post will appear in your news feeds which means Facebook analysis and track you clicks and interest, so with that analytics they showing more about that related stuffs, so how can you manage to block Facebook from Tracking you, however, you probably don’t want to get tracked by Facebook so downloading some of the software who helps you to block Facebook to track you.

#2 Block Game Invitation

Facebook not only allowed its users to just chat one with another, it also allow you to play games to get engaged with the term Facebook, So people or you may say users sends you gaming invitation which is real sickness from the regularly incoming invitation, so you really wanna rid out of it. Then follow the steps. Go to Setting -> Privacy -> Blocking -> Block App Invites now enter the name of the Friend (Done).

#3 Remove Application With Their Rights

Do you know that the application you are giving authority to post in your wall behalf of you can irrespectively get you ID and Passwords too, at the time of applying the application you must have asked by the program that you are going to give rights to the particular Application such as posting and liking posts behalf of you. So does that sounds GOOD? Probably no, so now don’t worry if you have accepted all those application to your profile you can now manually remove that application from your Facebook right now. Follow the instruction below to do the same. Go to Setting -> Privacy -> Blocking -> Block App now enter the name of the Application you wanted to block, or else if you don’t know then you can see the list of application your have given authority.

#4 Facebook Monopoly With The Paid And Popular Stuffs

Facebook basically worked harder in visualising the important posts at first in your news feeds, such as Promotes posts or pages will come in your news feeds first rather than your friends just in posted any status, Facebook also shares at first when the post become popular, just a Monopoly.

#5 You Cannot Make Your Gender And Cover Photos Private

It’s really hard to believe that no one in facebook have the right to hide their Gender and Cover Photos. You can search any profile on facebook, but you can’t see their wall and other privacy, but you can see their Gender & Profile Picture.

#6 Facebook Sharing Actually Works Different

What  do you do in  facebook? Sharing links of your fav articles? Sharing others article? Let’s tweak it follow my rule. Paste any link on your status wait for the thumbnail to appear once it appears  delete the URL you posted in the status, Guess what? Facebook will automatically suspend the Post’s URL giving it a simple and outstanding look. Actually, this was the process bloggers uses most of the time while publishing their articles in facebook in order to reach more audience.

#7 You have to Pay in Order to Send Message

Be Aware Because I Bet, You Don’t Know About Facebook

This might be unknown to many, but it was actually a lesser known feature of facebook. Some Reputed Names or Celebrities Already making full use of this feature. You can apply the option of Pay per message if a person wants to message you he/she have to pay the recommended cost in order to message you.These Seven facts about facebook might be unknown to many because these are rare and beneficial. You can try each and every point anytime and anywhere in facebook there is no restriction for testing these seven facts.

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